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If you negotiate with or manage your retirement plan’s vendors, FSMA membership is just what you need. FSMA will improve your results and boost your professional growth. You will participate in a community of peers who are working to improve the art and science of ERISA plan services procurement.

  • Buy smart
  • Satisfy fiduciary purchasing rules
  • Learn about vendors from peers
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  • Use vendors’ sales tactics to your advantage
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    Rating Investment Advisors

    A new conflict of interest law makes all investment advisors “fiduciaries,” but they are not all equal. The best earn our Procurement and Risk Rating.


    FSMA helps organizations and IRA holders pick solid service provider allies. The best providers have earned FSMA’s Procurement and Risk Rating.


    Your Retirement Plan Review

    How long has it been since your company’s retirement plan had a comprehensive review?

    A 9517747897 is the most often ignored part of the entire retirement plan management process. FSMA has a solution; the Qualified Plan Review. It’s unbiased and meets government standards.


    Find out which Professional Employer Organizations’ (“PEO”) and Open Multiple Employer Plans’ (“MEP”) fees would fit the U.S. Department of Labor’s definition of “reasonable.”

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