Baystate Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine's Western Campus, is recognized as a leading academic medical center.


Baystate is a 600-bed tertiary care referral center for much of western Massachusetts, serving a population of nearly one million people.

We offer:

  • ACGME-accredited training in 9 residencies and 14 fellowships
  • undergraduate medical education
  • continuing education for staff and community physicians
  • programs for allied health and other professionals.

"In addition to sophisticated training programs in an academic atmosphere, Baystate is a strong and growing research institution with very impressive technologies."

Dean, Tufts University
School of Medicine

"Baystate has a proud tradition of academic and clinical excellence in an atmosphere of collegiality that emphasizes openness of communication and respect."

Hal B. Jenson, MD
Senior Vice President,
Academic Affairs,
Baystate Medical Center
Dean, Tufts University
School of Medicine Western Campus



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